DIY Pallet Coffee Mug Rack

Hey DIYers – I have a super easy high impact project today that I am sure you will love! This is a project you could easily complete in a day and makes an awesome gift, decoration and conversation starter for sure! I’m pretty sure projects with vinyl, paint and stain on wood are my absolute favorite. They scream farmhouse and heaven and cozy so I just lean towards them every dang time. I mean, how perfect is this:
You need only the most basic DIY supplies for this project and it is super fast and easy – I promise!

Scrap vinyl
Mug Screws

mug1While visiting Walmart during a weekly grocery run I spotted an adorable smaller than normal pallet on the side of the store. I asked an employee and they said I could take it for free – while looking at me like I was crazy – so I loaded it in the trunk and skidattled on home. mug2The pallet was in great condition it just needed a basic overall sand with 80 grit sandpaper. We removed the stickers, rounded the edges a bit and made sure nobody would get splinters while grabbing their mug. mug4mug3Give it a coat of your favorite stain (Mine is MinWax Dark Walnut) and then measure or eyeball it to find out where you want your mugs to hang. We measured and did a pattern so that the mugs would hang between each other.
mugrack1Then, I used a piece of scrap vinyl to act as a stencil for a bright white ‘but first….coffee’ to go at the top of the pallet mug rack that I cut with my Silhouette Cameo.
IMG_2336DSC_6503Then anchor this baby into the wall. A pallet + mugs is heavvvvvvy.
Wham baam time for coffee ma’am!

If you need supplies here are my favorites that I used for this project via Amazon because 2 day free shipping y’all.
Sander // Mug Screws // Stain // Vinyl // White Paint // Silhouette Cameo

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