Explore Italy – Basanno Del Grappa

Last weekend we decided to get out of our hotel room and to test out the public transportation to explore Bassano del Grappa – a nearby town that features the ‘famous’ bridge of the Alpini. Getting there was a bit of a trick, but ended up being completely worth it for the amazing day trip! We packed our backpacks, charged the camera and got Presleys umbrella stroller ready to explore. Because we have only been in Italy for 2 weeks we are without a car so we walked to the bus station and road the bus to the train station where we purchased tickets (sooooo cheap) to Bassano del Grappa. We had about an hour wait for the train so we explored the train station, grabbed a coffee and relaxed while we looked up some future adventures to add to our Bucket List.


The train ride was only about 30 minutes to Cittadella where we sat around for an hour waiting for the bus, to find out that we needed to walk to a different pick up spot – where a bus drove right by us without stopping! We waited another hour, flagged down the bus and then finally made it to our destination point! There were zero signs and absolutely no way to navigate where to go – definitely a tricky public transportation experience!
As soon as we made it to town we found an amazing Pizzeria/Bread shop and each got a delicious slice of pizza. Italian pizza is DELICIOUS and very different from American Pizza. The crust is thin, there isn’t a lot of grease and you don’t feel heavy and gross after you eat it!

Although there are several things to do in Bassano del Grappa – like this list of things – we opted to visit the Ponte degli Alpini which was absolutely beautiful. The wooden pontoon bridge designed by Andrea Palladio in 1569 (it has been destroyed/rebuilt several times) crosses over the Brenta River and gives spectacular views of the city and mountain range. 

Definitely a great first adventure for us, we cannot wait for the many, many, many adventures we have ahead of us here in Italy. Our Bucket List is already getting really long!

Come visit! (Seriously!)

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