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HEY! If you stumbled upon this post in your search of things to do while exploring Caorle you are in the right place! I’ll share some addresses, beach locations and a few things to see while you are exploring. If you are like me, as soon as we decide to travel somewhere I instantly start looking at the weather, places to stay, and what we need to see. I am definitely type A when it comes to planning trips and feel better about making sure we get to see everything while we are there. Don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional spontaneous last minute getaway….. but I love searching around to find the best deals, and making sure we will be able to see everything we can! With so many places to travel and see around Europe – there isn’t time to waste!

The City of Caorle is a metropolitan city just outside of Venice, north of another popular beach Jesolo with water from the adriatic sea. The water is boasted to be crystal clear during the summer, and the town is perfect for tourists featuring trinkets for travelers coming from all over. While still popular, this area is said to be a little quieter than Jesolo and only a little bit further from town.
Lets dive in:

We ventured to Caorle the 3rd weekend in September because we wanted a little weekend getaway & Presley had requested to play at the beach! Saturday was supposed to be a thunderstorm day but we ended up with glorious beach weather and even got a little sunburn. Caorle considers the end of September/October the end of season so the beach was completely empty! I’m pretty sure we were the only people on the beach that were playing in the water! The best time to visit Carole is in the summer so you can just slather on the sunscreen and lay out on the sand (or rent a beach chair!).caorle

how to get there
We booked a hotel in advance, so we plugged in that address and followed Google Maps. The autostrada charges were €8 each way and it took an hour and a half from our door step to the hotel. Caorle is just a little bit more north than Jesolo (another popular beach) so it is a great option if you are trying to get to a less populated beach. The popular beach front area in Caorle is called “Spiaggia di Carole” – If you search that in Google Maps & then view the Satellite view you can see a better idea of parking locations & how much beach there is. We actually played on the beach a few miles down and it was perfect! We drove a car, but it is also possible to take a train to Venice & then a bus from Venice to Caorle if you do not have a vehicle. Public transportation can take you literally anywhere these days!



where to stay
We found Villaggio Sant’Andrea on Booking.Com that worked great for us. We went to Caorle with friends and ended up sharing the 2 bedroom 1 bathroom place with them. For 2 nights we spent €185 (we split that 2 ways). This was a great price because it is the end of season, but also because we booked in advance – another reason why I like planning ahead of time! While the beds weren’t the coziest, it did have a kitchen and living area so it would have been a great place for a longer trip – plus, parking was free and it was only a 10-15 minute walk to the beach. The Villaggio Sant’Andrea also had bikes to rent, was gated and had it’s own beautiful pool.



things to do

This category is always the longest on my list & I spend the most time researching the History of the city and the important things to see! Of course, being that Caorle is a beach town – you’ve got to play on the beach! We brought a blanket, towels and some basic sand toys for Presley to build a sand castle. Caorle is swarming with shells, so I also brought some ziplock bags to fill up with shells. The beach has tons of chairs (for rent during the busy season) but also lots of open sand areas. You can see if one of these pictures that this beach area has dividing rocks/dock areas that section off parts of the beach – great for keeping your kids in a small area!

Next up is a visit the Cathedral of St. Stephen which can be toured during the tourist travel months of summer. Otherwise, stroll around and listen to the bell tower while watching local artists paint and even take home a local artists painting to remember your visit. Some people (like us) do magnets, but why not do artwork?

You can also stop by the Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel which happened to be the backdrop of a Vespa Festival the weekend we were in town. HUNDREDS of them filled the streets and paraded through town, it was beautiful but I’m pretty sure we all were a little woozy after inhaling that much carbon monoxide.
Lining the beach before the church is the famous “Living Reef” which is absolutely breathtaking. The paved area is great for a stroller or bikes and the rocks are carved with tons of different themes done every 2 years in June (which would be a great thing to see in person!)fullsizeoutput_463bfullsizeoutput_45f4fullsizeoutput_4617

Explore the town/shops – which is probably my favorite thing to do in every town. We get a town magnet and gelato everywhere we go. I love finding the tourist traps but also the fun mom/pop shops that sell local artwork and pottery.

You can even tour the water by boat if you have time. Caorle is a fishing town – so there is no shortage of boats to watch! I found some interesting tours here that we would have done if we had visited during the regular tourist season.


places to eat
So, I’m not a foodie at all. I enjoy eating but I’m a chicken when it comes to new food – so finding places to eat doesn’t really excite me. We at at this amazing place right on the beach that was absolutely delicious and had great pricing.

While in town, we also stopped at the local store to grab muffins and fresh fruit for breakfast and then brought snacks from home to eat while we were out exploring. We also grabbed some pizza at a local pizzeria (Cristofoli Renzo) that we took back to the hotel to enjoy the night we first got into town, and had brunch at a local cafe. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with anywhere in Italy I feel like!


Thanks for stopping by today – hope you enjoyed this Caorle Trip guide – GET OUT THERE AN EXPLORE!!
Find out even more about Caorle & see an event calendar on the Tourist Portal here.


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