EXPLORE ITALY: The wall of Cittadella

We stumbled upon Cittadella two weekends ago while trying to get to Bassano del Grappa and looked around for a little bit – but didn’t get to explore as much as we wanted to – so today was the perfect opportunity to make it a day trip!

We took the bus from just outside of base to the train station downtown ( €2 each person) and then bought tickets for the train ride to Cittadella (€17 roundtrip for the three of us) and in just over 20 minutes we were there! Guys, I cannot wait until our car arrives – while I’m thankful for cheap public transportation and not having to drive the chaotic roads of Italy, it will be nice to just jump in the car and go!




Even just wandering around the exterior is gorgeous and would be a great backdrop for family photos. There are giant fish in the water that you can see, and even a restaurant right on the water with little twinkle lights above it. There circle has four entrances with a square in the middle & you can enter/exit at each gate. One entrance has an additional staircase that takes you to the top where you can walk around the entire wall. Cittadella is a medieval walled town founded in 1220 when nearby town Padua decided to build a fortified castle  in order to protect its country borders. The walls are a beautiful rare example of a medieval defensive system involving a parapet walkway. 



This giant (absolutely gorgeous)  Cathedral/Museum & Art Gallery was built between 1774 and 1826 by three famous architects and houses an extensive art gallery. You can see the Cathedral from every vantage point on the walkway and only when you are right in front of it can you see how truly large it is. 



The wall is 1461 meters in circumference (0.907 miles), 14 meters high (45 feet). The public safe parapet walkway is a 2 meter walk (1.24 miles) around the entire Cittadella wall. The wall includes several museum and re-enactment rooms where you can read about the history and events that took place. Entrance to the parapet is   (€5 for adults and €3 for children).











Cittadella offers guided parapet walkway tours, night tours, motor and row boat rentals where you can row around the moat as well as wedding services, hotel stays and tons of shopping and food options. Cittadella also has events throughout the year included Carnival (February), The San Guiseppe Fair (March), Summer concerts, Medieval Re-Enactments (September), Annual Fair – the biggest one (October) and an array of Christmas Markets throughout December.

Planning to visit Cittadella? Find more information HERE or feel free to send me an email!

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