Explore Italy: Hiking in Asiago

Although the weather looked look it might rain, we braved the clouds and headed to Asiago to explore. Asiago is the largest plateau of Italy and absolutely beautiful. It is only an hour away from Vicenza (€2 on the Autostrada) and next time I would definitely take dramamine before headed there! The road is a series of switchbacks that climb to the top of the plateau and wowzers did I get carsick! The drive up is beautiful though – you can see so much from high up & all the little towns you pass through as so picturesque. We will definitely need another day trip to Asiago to finish seeing things – but this was a great start to exploring a new place!
Forte del Monte Interrotto was a military barracks built in the nineteenth century and transformed into a fortress at the outbreak of the First World War to defend the Italian border against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The building is completely open and you can tour almost every portion of it. The surrounding hillside has picnic benches to rest or enjoy a snack and the beautiful view. We were able to take our car right up to the fortress, but with a smaller clearance vehicle, you’d need to walk up to it.
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After exploring every corner of the fortress, we headed on foot up the hill even more to visit an a burial site. There were several more further up the mountain, but Presley was tired so we only made it to the first one. On the way we saw several bunkers and big dips in the ground that we were guessing where explosion indentations. This was a very beautiful hike (with tons of different mushrooms everywhere!), but also very sombering to imagine what happened in the past.
Man! Everywhere in Italy is soooooo spectacular – I wonder if I’ll ever get over it?

We had a blast this trip, but definitely during our next trip to Asiago we need to:
Take a famous Asiago cheese tour
Visit Gnome Village

To see all of our Italian adventures visit here & if you want to see some behind the scenes videos from Asiago – head to my Instagram page!

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