Explore Germany: A few scenes from Munich

We spent the past week exploring Garmisch (Alspitze, WWII Memorial, Lake Eisbee) Neuschwanstein Castle and then decided we would spend a weekend in Munich! I mean, why not! We are crushing on Germany right now! Plus, I love how driving is way easier & the number of people that speak English blows Italy to shame. We learned a few key German phrases to get us by & when people see us trying, they usually cave and respond in English. I feel like Germany is extremely friendly compared to Italians!
fullsizeoutput_4b68We found our hotel on Booking.com (20% off with this link) and stayed at Hotel Regent that was within walking distance to the center and heart of Munich. A lot of the hotel main lobbies have City Maps that are helpful in navigating the city with a handy list of Museums (and their hours), popular sightseeing, stores and restaurants.
fullsizeoutput_4b48We found a Starbucks and I got a delicious & a ‘You are Here’ Collection mug! Italian coffee/espresso is HANDS DOWN better than any American coffee – but it feels like home drinking from a red cup around the Holidays.fullsizeoutput_4afbA visit to the Theatine Church was definitely on our To-See list because I loved the idea of being in an all white church. It was absolutely breathtaking! I could definitely go to church there every week! (Find more info here).
munich1After listening to a choir practice inside, we climbed all 300 stairs to the top of the Peters Tower and got to see panoramic views of Munich. This view of the City Hall is unbelievable!fullsizeoutput_4b42fullsizeoutput_4b47munich3We had to do dinner at the famous Hofbrauhaus which was insanely packed and insanely awesome. The waitress was carrying so much & the pretzels are bigger than anything i’ve ever seen!

There is so much more to do in Munich – we didn’t get to see the Glockenspiel Show, visit the Zoo or take Presley to Legoland. I definitely think we need another weekend to explore everything else! Who wants to come with?


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