Explore Germany: Walking the Alspitze Platform

As soon as we arrived in Garmisch we started researching all the fun things we could do and at the top of the list was getting to the highest point in Germany – the mountain Zugspitz. We decided to wait until next year to trek to the top of Germany and opted to explore Alspitze this year. We stayed at the Edeilweiss Resort and purchased our tickets through them and drove about 10 minutes away to the base of the mountain to start our adventure!
Roundtrip to the top and down is $38 for adults, $11 for children 6-18 and free for children under 5.
We bundled up because it was chilly (and even colder at the top) but it was clear outside and absolutely beautiful outside. 
fullsizeoutput_496cAs we parked, there was a field full of cows with bells on their neck which was adorable and hilarious! Presley wanted to run into the field to snuggle them all but we stayed back and got ready to head up towards the mountain.alspitzfullsizeoutput_496eThe cable car leaves every hour so we waited for about 10 minutes for boarding and riding up to the top. The views from the cable car were absolutely gorgeous and there were only a few times I was motion sick for a few minutes! Any body else experience motion sickness? It sure makes adventures a tad bit trickier!
alspitz3fullsizeoutput_4967At the top we enjoyed lunch and drinks and enjoyed the most incredible views from the glass platform that overlooks the entire valley (check out this picture!) It was a little scary walking out onto the platform when you can see the enormous drop below your feet!fullsizeoutput_4940fullsizeoutput_4943fullsizeoutput_4947We signed the guest book & then went on a short very well paved hike down to another cable car to ride back down the mountain into town.

Oh Germany, we love ya.
Watch some videos from this adventure on my Instagram Story right over here.


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