Explore Italy: Christmas Market in Verona

DSC00151I never knew Christmas Markets were such a big thing until we got to Italy. The towns all have markets, some ranging from small to huge with thousands of people visiting every weekend. With Verona only being 30 minutes away from us, we went with our friends to explore the Market this past weekend! It was PACKED but so dang beautiful! All of Verona is beautiful, but it is magical when it is lit up at night and all the stores have Holiday decor adorning their windows.
DSC00107DSC00103I picked a horrible time to do Whole 30, over Thanksgiving and with all the delicious snacks at the Market I seriously considered quitting – but didn’t! But look at all that delicious bread! I have no idea how everyone here stays so healthy and thin with all this deliciousness in their faces everyday.DSC00105DSC00106DSC00112The Verona market went all out, we saw at least 3 giant trees decorated to the max and lit up so gorgeous at night. There was so many people shopping and exploring that we could hardly make our way through the crowds! I definitely recommend going on a weekday and not a weekend because the crowds were insane. DSC00130DSC00129DSC00123DSC00131DSC00143DSC00137DSC00160DSC00165DSC00155DSC00148Definitely worth it! We also made it to the Asiago Christmas Market, and the local Vicenza Market – next year we hope to get to some of the bigger ones in Prague and Austria. I’ve got a few videos from the Market on my instagram if you want to see how awesome it was in person!

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