Bucket List: Gibraltar Day Trip

December was such an amazing month for us! This season of life is literally a dream & every single day we look at each other and cannot believe we are here! I don’t think I ever want to leave Europe. Ever.
After we spent a week exploring Gran Canary, Seville, Cadiz – we decided to take a day trip to Gibraltar because why the heck not? Chad visited Gibraltar years ago and as soon as I learned about the famous barbary macaques monkeys I knew that sometime in my life I had to go. This entire day was a complete dream; I struggled between trying to be so in the moment, but also wanting to photograph and capture every single moment. The Rock of Gibraltar not only provides amazing views of where the Atlantic Ocean & the Mediterranean Sea meet, but you can also see Africa from the top of the rock. There are a few ways to get to the top of the rock; You can walk a billion steps, take a cable car (if it’s not too windy) or take a taxi (all the taxis in Gibraltar are the same company so you don’t need to shop around). We decided on taking a Taxi tour for around 30 euro per person. The taxi included the Nature Reserve ticket and we got to explore Saint Michaels Cave to watch a light show while admiring the stalagmite formations before heading up to the top to meet some of the monkeys and snap a ton of pictures. Our guide was incredibly knowledgable and gave us TONS of history on Gibraltar.

Definitely the most amazing day trip I think I have ever had – check out some amazing videos of the Monkeys and views we got to see on my Instagram highlight reel ‘Gibraltar’.

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