Presleys Bucket List – Pisa

It has been so much fun exploring all these places around Europe; I am seeing places for the first time and so is Presley so there’s even more excitement because we get to learn and explore together. (Chads been lucky enough to have done lots of traveling before) Every single weekend Presley has been begging for us to go see ‘the leaning toward of peesus’ so when the weather was going to be nice enough we decided to make an overnight trip and take Presley to see Pisa. She was super excited to see the leaning tower, and so was I – it is pretty dang crazy to see in person! 
IMG_6640Of course, you can’t go visit the Leaning Tower and NOT take a silly photo…..or a million if you are Presley. I seriously have 17 different poses of her with the tower. Silly girl loved it. I could have sat around and watched people pose to take pictures all day long – it was absolutely hilarious!pisa1IMG_2890The Tower of Pisa was always meant to stand completely upright when production began in 1173 and after 8 stories was at a 17 foot vertical lean. In 1920 the foundation was injected with cement to try to lessen the lean. While it wasn’t open for visitors for some time – it currently is but visitors must be at least 8 years old to enter. We couldn’t get them to believe Presley was 8 so we ended up just relaxing in the grass and watching people take silly photos with the tower while we had lunch and snacks.

Pisa has so much more to offer than just the Leaning Tower. Read more about Pisa here & remember to get out there and explore!



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