Visiting Butterfly Arc in Padova

This past weekend Presley and I sat down and found a bunch of activities we could do that were pretty close to home since it was our last weekend before Daddy came home! Presley loves girl-cations but misses Daddy so much I try to keep her pretty busy on the weekends so she doesn’t get overly sassy and emotional! We found a Butterfly Museum less than an hour away so we packed snacks, charged my camera and were headed off! We had so much fun & almost got kicked out because the butterflies loved us and kept coming to say hi! (TIP: Spray on the fruitiest body spray you own from head to toe to attract the butterflies!) 

Want to go yourself? DO IT!
This was an easy adventure and so kid friendly! Only 45 minutes from Vicenza, Butterfly Arc is located in Padova. Parking is free & you are allowed to bring food/drinks into the facility. There are lots of picnic benches for a lunch or snack break, but the gift shop at the entrance has snacks and drinks if you don’t bring your own. The butterfly exhibits are inside and covered so great for rainy days, while the rest of the park uncovered for beautiful warm sunny days! Entrance prices were €9 for adults and €7 for kids and all major credit cards are accepted. You can read more about Butterfly Arc here.

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