The Vienna Flexi-Pass with Kids

We had a blast exploring all around Vienna, I think my favorite was the National Library, but I also really enjoyed touring the catacombs under the Cathedral & visiting the Zoo which was Presleys favorite!
While researching about our trip to Vienna I came across THIS helpful blog post about the Flexi Pass vs. the Vienna Card and decided that for us the Flexi Pass would be worth it for our short weekend trip! We ended up lucking out and getting to experience 4 activities when we purchased the 3 attraction pass (one of our adventures didn’t want to scan our passes?!). Heres what we were able to do and the price breakdown we saved in buying the Flexi-Pass.

The Vienna Flexi Pass can be purchased HERE & grants you access to either 3, 4, or 5 attractions – depending on your purchase choice – to over 30 eligible attractions. The pass is valid for 30 days after it’s first use and is great for a short weekend trip! Passes for our family (2 adults and 1 child – 3 attractions each) cost us €81 and here is what we were able to do during our trip:

The Schönbrunn Zoo: (Admission normally: €50)
You can read more about our Zoo visit here. We could have spent a full day here – we were wiped after only half a day but it’s a great place for kids to run wild, tons of exhibits to see & Panda bears to swoon over. There are lots of restrooms, water fountains, kids play areas and places to sit and eat. You can bring in food and drinks but there are also lots of places to purchase them as well. DSC03376 DSC03356


Ride the famous Giant Ferris Wheel: (Admission normally: €29)
In operation since 1897 the giant Ferris Wheel gives you incredible views of Vienna and one rotation takes only around 20 minutes. You can ride other rides at the amusement part (free to enter), or play games to try to win prizes afterwards! Presley enjoyed bumper cars, and if we weren’t headed home after this we would have done the water log ride to cool off!


Pretend to be Belle in the Austrian National Library: (Admission normally: €16)
I love books and libraries and so this National Austrian Library was definitely on my list. Hidden in plain site this is definitely one of the things you need to see in Austria – this is a lower price item so you could pay for this separately but with a short weekend this was one of the top things I wanted to see so we included it in our Flexi-Pass.


Danube River Boat Tour: (Admission normally: €57)  <— These people didn’t want to scan our pass
The Danube River Boat Tour takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. Stand in the front of the line to get the best seat (inside on the lower level right by the bar!) where you can order a beer and relax while you learn about the sights along the river. Afterwards, take pictures with all the street art & then rent scooters to zip around! danubeDSC03613
The Price Breakdown:
Zoo Visit – €50
Ride the Ferris Wheel – €29
Austria National Library-  €16
Danube River Tour – €57

Total cost of activities: €152

Flexi Pass: €81
SAVED: €71


If you have more time in Vienna, or are traveling without children – I recommended reading about the Vienna Pass that gives you access to over 60 attractions plus Fast Track and unlimited hop on/hop off bus privileges. You can see some of the things on our Vienna list on my Pinterest board here & behind the scenes from our time exploring on my Instagram Highlight Reel titled Vienna. If this post was helpful – —> please pin it!  <—-(Such a simple thing helps support my blog!) Thanks for stopping by! XO

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