EXPLORE SLOVENIA: The Postojna Caves & Predjama Caste

When planning our weekend to Lake Bled Slovenia I knew that one of our stops had to be to visit the famous Postojna Caves & picturesque Predjama Castle. We ended up stopping at them on our way home after we spent time exploring Bled Island, Ljublijana, and Vintgar Gorge as they are a little outside of town & en route back to our home in Italy. Both of these adventures are kid friendly (not stroller friendly) and Presley LOVED the caves and exploring the giant castle built into the cave wall – she loves the audio guides!!

When purchasing our tickets online, we decided to do Postojna Caves first as you have to select a ‘tour’ time & we didn’t want to be rushed to get there if we were exploring the castle. You head deep into the cave and get to ride a train to the walkable parts of the caves. The formations are just incredible and span 24km underground! Your train ride comes with a guide (in your chosen language during ticket purchase) who explains several things as you wander throughout the caves, the information is fascinating, but also not extremely necessary so I recommend walking a bit slower to explore more and to snap a ton of pictures – but NOT of the baby dragons at the end of the tour!

Now on to explore Predjama Castle – construction on this castle began about 800 years ago and the castle has mesmerised George R. R. Martin, author of the best-seller The Game of Thrones, and has hosted the Discovery Channel team, who found the castle to be inhabited by some ghosts. Holding a record for the largest castle built in a cave from Guinness Book of World records the cave tour lasts approximately 1 hr and takes you through the torture chamber, living areas, and into the giant cave system behind the castle used for collecting water, incredible views and serves as a lookout for protecting the castle from enemies – no need to watch your back with this location!


Tips for going:

  • Tickets can be purchased online, however your online voucher needs to be traded for a paper voucher at the Ticket Office (skip the line & move to the ‘online order’ short line!)  You will pick during your booking a time slot and language for the cave tour – arrive at the ticket office 30 minutes prior to this to exchange your ticket & then walk approximately 5 minutes to the cave entrance.
  • Use the restroom BEFORE entering the caves, there is one bathroom at the very end of the tour you can use (for €1) before riding the train back.
  • There is a small gift shop – by the bathroom – where you can find magnets, dragon stuffed animals, an assortment of gemstones, lavender, soap, lotion & the pricing is great.
  • Caves are cold, bring a jacket & wear good slip resistant shoes.
  • You will have to drive from the caves to the castle (9km) or use the free shuttle that runs during July and August.
  • The castle will give you an Audio guide in your chosen language when you enter, or you can pay extra for a tour guide. The audio guide has more than enough information – I’d recommend just doing that!


Thanks for stopping by! XO


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