An AirBNB Experience – Pula Kayaking

I could have sat and relaxed on the beach for our entire trip to Pula but we agreed it would be a good idea to go experience something exciting as a family. After searching around I found an amazing experience on AirBNB and we decided to go for it! I sent a message to Denis before booking and double checked to make sure it was okay that we brought Presley (who is 6) and he said it was perfectly fine! He even had a triple kayak (a tri-ack?) We had to pay full price for Pres which was kind of a bummer but it was one of the only companies that allowed someone so young so we decided it was worth it!
Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 11.14.08 AMThe starting location was about 20 minutes from our Hotel so we drove and were happy to find free parking right on the side of the road. The tour started with getting correct life jacket sizes, putting all our items in supplied dry bags; as well as practicing how to accurately paddle to be most efficient in the kayak. We loaded up (ended up not using the triple kayak because there were a few girly girls who wanted to stay together and use it). We sat Presley in the middle of us and let her lay back on the tours cooler (stocked with water and beers) to be comfortable.

The tour guides took SO many photos – over 400 uploaded after our excursion – so while that was great, it did slow down the adventure a little bit because they made sure that everyone got their photos.


We ended up trekking about 3km to our first location where lots of photos were snapped, we stopped to hand out drinks & then we finished our trek to the famous cave where we ended up spending the most time while the kayaks went in one at a time through the black cave. Afterwards we snorkeled and some people even cliff jumped from above the cave. Then we trekked back to our starting point! 

We had so much fun and would definitely do it again! You can find all the information about the excursion HERE & feel free to reach out to Denis and his team who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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