Visiting Butterfly Arc in Padova


This past weekend Presley and I sat down and found a bunch of activities we could do that were pretty close to home since it was our last weekend before Daddy came home! Presley loves girl-cations but misses Daddy so much I try to keep her pretty busy on the weekends so she doesn't get overly sassy and emotional! We found a Butterfly Museum less than an hour away so we packed snacks, charged my ... Read the Post

Vicenza Carnivale


Yesterday Presley and I ran some errands and picked up a new set of plants (that we will unfortunately kill while trying to smother them with love) and as soon as we got to our place downtown we heard the chaos of an event so we decided to change, grab the camera and head out to see what was going on and I am so glad we did! We had a blast during Vicenza's Carnivale Event. All the kids were ... Read the Post

Explore Spain: Sunset in Cadiz


We only had a day to do both Gibraltar and Cadiz so while I wanted to spend way more time in Cadiz - visiting Gibraltar trumped the two choices. We made it just in time to visit the Cathedral and climb the bell tower to watch the sunset. Afterwards we walked around the town, explored the Parque Genoves & then made a To-Do list for all the things to do if we ever make it back to visit this ... Read the Post

Bucket List: Gibraltar Day Trip


December was such an amazing month for us! This season of life is literally a dream & every single day we look at each other and cannot believe we are here! I don't think I ever want to leave Europe. Ever. After we spent a week exploring Gran Canary, Seville, Cadiz - we decided to take a day trip to Gibraltar because why the heck not? Chad visited Gibraltar years ago and as soon as I learned ... Read the Post

Our favorite Scenes from Seville


After we spent a week in the Gran Canary Islands we headed to the South of Spain to explore Seville & Cadiz for a few days so I thought I'd share a few pictures from our couple days in Seville! We had a blast exploring, Chad loved using his Spanish and we fell in love with Spains Sangria! The first thing we did, was explore a Bull Ring - which Presley LOVED and understood because of her love ... Read the Post

How to spend 48 hours in Seville Spain


There is so much to do in Seville that it is hard to shorten the list down to what you can get to in a 48 hour time period but after doing lots of research on Pinterest (see my Seville board here), reading blogs, and looking at travel threads; I finally narrowed down the things we wanted to see in the 48 hours we were there. Seville is AMAZING! I could have easily spent a week just exploring ... Read the Post