Starting project “Corked”

Tonight after work, Chad and I headed up to Fred and Terri's house.Fred and Chad played COD for a couple hours,while Terri, Cyndie, Steph and myself watched Bachelor.My top two pics for Ben, (and a helpful guide) so far: While we were wathcing, I started my cork project based off of this wonderful Pinterest idea: As soon as I saw this, I asked Chad to save all the corks from work - and he brought ... Read the Post

If we were still dating….

Today would be our 6 year anniversary.TO me, this is incredible.Incredible because: now-a-days, it seems like relationships just don't last.Incredible that we still LOVE eachother as much, if not more...Then we did at year 1, and 2, and even 3,4,5.It is incredible that we are now married.Incredible that we know people that were married & divorced, or married & unhappy all in the time span ... Read the Post

The End of The World Party…

WARNING: This is about to be a long post.Par-Tay Time!!Mr. Harold Camping thinks it is the end of the world. So we are going out in style.Today was our reception to celebrate our 2 month old marriage beautiful new marriage. I'm kidding.It truly is amazing.We reserved the Brookside Outdoor Pavilion at our old Singles Ward – and were so excited that the weather was supposed to be warm and sunny, and ... Read the Post

6th Day – At Sea

Today was the last day of our cruise :( dangit. I don't want to go back to work, school, life....I vote we just cruise with our family forever!! The weather was cold again today - so we played cards inside, packed, watched a towel folding demonstration....and had our goodbye hugs :*( Here's two shots of our room, we had a balcony was nice to leave the door open at night and listen to the ... Read the Post


OHHH Man!! I love Puerta Vallarta - I feel like it is such a colorful, fun town! I feel like this is one of those places that I would enjoy living. As soon as we hopped off the boat, we new we had to go to on the famous "Predator" Canopy Tour. Chad and I had done this with Fred and Terri at this same place 5 years ago when we were here...we fit EVERYONE from the group in the van.../ and then we ... Read the Post