Love Story

This has been an adventure, and takes a while to explain.  Grab some popcorn, maybe a diet coke and enjoy…..
Our love story has been 7 years in the making, and I couldn’t be happier that we have experienced everything we have been through. It hasn’t been an easy 7 years, It has been filled with tears, hapiness, sadness, fights, compromise, counseling, and above all – complete faith that things would work out – and they have, look where we are today!

Disclaimer: This is MY, Tausha Wierlo’s version of our relationship. I’m  sure Chad would tell a much less dramatic tale – but hey, the Notebook isn’t a tear jerker because Noah wrote it – Nope. Well, I guess he did. But you know what I mean. Oh, and there are seriously THOUSANDS of pictures, I’ve just included a couple :)


It all started in August of 2004 when I was still in High School in Angels Camp, and just after Chad moved to the Stockton area after spending some time in Southern California after serving his mission for the LDS church.

I was dating a seventh day adventist (not that i’m judging religion), and my Young Womens leader didn’t quite approve – so she suggested I double date with her and her husband, and she said she would introduce me to her sons best friend. We went to see a movie at the Lodi Theatre, I barely talked to Chad – though I thought he was ADORABLE in his cute pink button up shirt, and “Oh, no handshakes, I’m a hugger” comment. We didn’t talk much, but I was intrigued – we went our own ways, and I didn’t think TO much of it.  (Anyone who doesn’t believe in BLIND DATES? – Believe!)
About a month later, at a church dance, I heard a rumor Chad was coming with his best friend, (My young womens leaders son) to be the DJ’s of the party. So, I got all ready, and actually got to dance with him. YEP, we got to touch hands. Afterwards, I went to a movie with Chad, the best friend, Fred & his wife Terri – and when I was dropped off at my car, Chad took my number. Again, was intrigued, but didn’t think much.

A couple weeks later a number came up on my phone that I didn’t recognize and I answered – IT WAS CHAD!! I was at Cosmetology school so I snuck off to the corner and Chad invited me on a 10 day cruise to mexico with him.

Wait?! WHAT?

Yep, and this was me, at 17, “Uhm, ya – like, I’ll have to ask my parents….”

Oh jeeze. Suprisingly my parents said Yes. (I don’t know what they were thinking, but thank goodness they agreed!) The following week I drove to Stockton, with a single suitcase, completely unaware of what to wear on a cruise, or as a female. And went for it.
LOOK at me! YUCK! I don’t know what I was thinking. I had a fo-hawk, a “skunk” dye job as Chad called it. And I wore basketball shorts, and a jacket. What the hell was he thinking? HA. Somehow I convinced the 23 yr old blonde stud, that I was worth his time. We didn’t talk much, or get close until half way through the cruise. I remember walking through a door-way, and Chad put his hand on my back. I was in LOVE – he gave me goosebumps, and made me giggle. I was young, and SO falling in love. We were inseperable after that. We spent the remainder of the cruise hand in hand, and I’m pretty sure everyone got sick of us ‘sucking face.’


After the cruise, we went back to our lives. Chad lived in Stockton with Fred and Terri, and was selling solar. I was in Angels Camp in High School & Cosmetology School. On the weekends, I would drive up to spend a couple days with Chad, and during the week we talked on the phone, emailed…”Long distance” sort of stuff.  We weren’t exclusively dating, but I felt that things were getting pretty serious. This went on for about a year – and then my parents decided that they were going to move to Omaha, Nebraska for work.


Year Two

At this point in time, things were pretty exclusive between Chad and I, so I decided it would be best if I stayed in California – so I moved in with my grandparents in San Jose. I was still 2 hours from Chad, but close enough to continue our weekend visits. We took turns on the weekends and spent time in both Stockton and San Jose.  Things were fine and dandy, but really weren’t going places. I was having fun in San Jose, and I heard that Chad was starting to see other people. SO, I decided that I would move to Nebraska to spend some time with my family – and see if there was a life, “After Chad.”

Now let me say – deciding to leave California was one of the hardest decisions that I have ever made. I KNEW that by leaving, I was letting our relationship end. I knew that I was in for a rough road, but after much prayer and contemplation – I knew that it was the right thing for me to do. I feel I need to mention this, because a lot of time I blame for Chad for what happened when I moved, but it wasn’t his fault. It was mine.

We decided we would continue to talk, and I didn’t date anyone else for the first month or so I was in Nebraska. Chad flew me out to visit him, and it was affirmation that our relationship could make it through anything. The time apart actually did us good, I was geting into shape, eating healthy, going to church, being productive, taking College classes, etc.

Seeing Chad was the proof that I needed that a relationship COULD be long distance, all our phone calls – deep conversations, and honest spoken thoughts were worth every minute.  As soon as I saw Chad, it was like I hadn’t been gone for 2 months – nothing had changed – and we picked up were we left off. I stayed a few extra days, and then headed back to Omaha – already planning a boat trip with his family in a couple months….. I thougth everything was fine, that we were good to go – Chad bought me a plan ticket, and we were refreshed after seeing eachother.

THEN, I got the phone call –

*queue sad music*

Chad had met someone and thought that we should break things off, ‘see other people’ – and I was heartbroken. I remember sinking down the wall, phone in hand, and balling my eyes out. I felt empty, I didn’t know how to breath, how to walk. (Dramatic, I know!) I knew deep down that something like this was going to happen, since it was ME that moved 3000 miles away, but I also knew in my heart that Chad was meant to be with me. I went a few days without leaving my apartment, didn’t shower, didn’t eat.  I literally sat and starred at the wall, not blinking for days. It was a pretty traumatic time for me. I didn’t know if I should beg, fly back immediately….I was clueless.
Then, I went crazy. I would work double shifts as a waitress, and use all my money to go out every night. I thankfully never got into any trouble, but I probably should have. I was a trainwreck – I went on dates every night (just for the company and free meals!) and spent more time at the pool then doing anything productive. This lasted for about 3 months, and then I found a good guy – Chad was still with the same girl, and I decided that I shoutld give things a shot. I got happy again – I was loved, and falling in love. I still felt that Chad was “THE ONE” for me, but thought he didn’t want anything to do with me. So I allowed myself  to move on.
My time in Nebraska wasn’t just partying, and me being a trainwreck. I found myself an AMAZING best friend, and an amazing group of girls. I felt like I was finally doing things for “ME” and living the single life, instead of working all weeek so I could spend time with Chad on the weekends. I liked this lifestyle – as destructive, and unhealthy as it was.  No one would have guessed that deep down I was empty, miserable, lonely – and missing Chad every single day.


Then, Chad called. Things didn’t work out, and he realized what a crazy person he was by breaking things off. with me.


We started talking again, and I felt overwhelmed as I talked with Chad, but continued my relationship with my current boyfriend. Chad said that he really wanted to get serious again, and suggested that I move back to California. Over the next few weeks, I calloed things off with current boyfriend, and made plans to move back to California. At this point, I didn’t know how serious we were going to be, but Chad suggested that we find a place and live together. He flew to Omaha, rented a U-Haul and drove me back to live in Lodi in our very own little apartment. This is where the actual love story begins.

I’m back!!!

I felt complete happiness. We were exclusive. A part of me missed my ‘single’ life in Nebraska, my family, my job, my friends. But I was with Chad – nothing else really mattered.

We lived in Lodi for a year, Chad decided he wanted to go back to school and started taking classes at a Community College – it took me awhile to find work – and Chad supported me every step of the way. We had so much fun ‘playing house’ – in our own place, living together as a couple.  We paid bills, worked, went to school – all those adult things. After our lease was up we moved into a rental home, and lived wtth a married couple Zach and Steph. It was great, I loved the extra space – and that we were still living together and our relationship progressing. At this point in time, Chad was starting to decide his career path and still taking classes at the community college. I finally became a California resident and was able to take classes, and I juggled 2 jobs to help pay bills, my car payment, etc.


THEN. We decided that things were getting serious, and decided that we should continue dating, but that we needed to live seperately – so that when we were ready we would be able to get married in the temple. I moved in with a friend Megan, and Chad moved into a Bachelor Pad with some Singles Ward friends. We lived this way for about a year, and continued being exclusive. I coudln’t have been happier, we spent almost every waking minute together, visited both of our families, spent a week in Oregon with Chads family, and we hiked Half  Dome….I couldn’t be better.



This was a particularly hard time for me – a lot of things came out – and we had the opportunity to see a counselor. Chad and I met with the counselor as a couple, and seperately and she really helped us sort out our feelings, and work through some of our issues.  We were working with the bishop, and the Stake President and ultimately decided that if we wanted to get married in the near future, that we should get civily married – and then get sealed in the temple later.So after a year of living apart, we moved back in together. I was upset with myself, and ashamed that when the time would come, we wouldn’t be able to go to the temple, I was afraid of what people would say, if I would disapoint my family. But after this long, we were SO CLOSE to being in the right state of mind to get married – I knew that things would work themselves out.
Things were great, we were doing well in school, Chad was bartending and I got a big girl job at an apartment complex. But after close to 5 years without an engagement I started to get irritated.And I made it known.

Well, I had been making it known.

Since like year 2.

Anyways, anways. We had been through so much, worked through all of our differences, issues, arguments – I knew that Chad was the person that I wanted as my husband, partner, best friend, father or my children, and the guy that I wanted to be sealed to in the temple for eternity.Then, a month short of our 5 year anniversary.

We became Engaged. I was on cloud nine – I had been picturing this moment for YEARS, and I couldn’t have asked for a better moment. I immediately started planning a wedding…We set the date for 4-22-11 and sent out the Save the Dates to everyone.


We figured out that we had planned our wedding for the week before Chads finals, instead of his Spring Break like we thought. So we threw in the towel – and decided to leave the next month to go on a cruise.


We got married in Cabo.

And now, we are working on our Happily Ever After.
Thanks for taking the time to read that, I hope that you can have a better insight as to what we have been through – and what we are working on. Relationships take time, effort, and patience.And two people that are completely selfless.