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Frisco – Pier 39 & The Beach

Today we woke up pretty early, had breakfast and headed to Pier 39. We found some free parking - Booyah! - I absolutely HATE paying for parking, so Chad did good. We walked the Pier, and Dexter was a hit. Everywhere we go, we get to stop and have conversations with people about the dog, and their dogs. It's great - there really is a community of animal lovers out there! We watched the seals for ... Read the Post

Krylon + Pinterest

I found this idea via pinterest:Brilliant right? Chad bought me a BEAUTIFUL jewelry case, but it only fits my earrings. Ha. Oopsies.So, this last week while I was out running errands I picked up a 9$ dollar rake at Lowe's, and found this B-E-A-utiful spray paint at JoAnn's!I bet your thinking, "Well jeeze, that's the best thing ever!" Dont worry, I agree.And look what I made:Pretty fancy pantsy ... Read the Post

Rosette Monogram…

I started this while Chad was on his week long Oregon/California Coast bike ride (pictures and the play by play of his trip coming soon)...I have yet to finish it, hopefully this next week and then I will post another picture of how it turned out....I found the idea at House of Smith's, I think it is BEAUTIFUL, and super easy to do while you watch Bones or, yes, Twilight :)...AND, it is incredibly ... Read the Post

Tausha: Nebraska Graduation and T.Swift!

I had such an amazing day today, (I miss Chad terribly - btw!) I could literally talk for hours about how incredible this entire day was. (Incredible day = LOTS of pictures!!) We woke up at like 8 am (6 am my normal time!) and got ready for Nic's graduation. My mom and pop loaded up the van with myself, Landon and his gorgeous girlfriend Khora, Gma, and 2 of the Boys Town kids....We headed ... Read the Post

The End of The World Party…

WARNING: This is about to be a long post.Par-Tay Time!!Mr. Harold Camping thinks it is the end of the world. So we are going out in style.Today was our reception to celebrate our 2 month old marriage beautiful new marriage. I'm kidding.It truly is amazing.We reserved the Brookside Outdoor Pavilion at our old Singles Ward – and were so excited that the weather was supposed to be warm and sunny, and ... Read the Post

DIY Photobooth…

Yep. We are doing it. A DIY photobooth, well it is going to be more like a backdrop, with a camera - but hey, those are practically the same! So, with 18 days to go, I am busy making mustaches and this frame. (I problably should start worrying about the tableclothes and decorations huh? Don't worry. I excell under pressure *gulp*)Project numero uno: Take the "ducks" and make a cute frame like all ... Read the Post