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Explore Spain: Our week in Las Palmas (Gran Canary)


I shared a Travel Guide for Las Palmas yesterday, but thought I would share an overload of pictures from our time spent relaxing on the beach. Vicenza is bloody freezing so when we were thinking of what to do over the Holiday break - we knew we wanted to go somewhere warm! The Gran Canary islands were calling our name! Las Palmas is such a beautiful island and there is so much to do - we didn't ... Read the Post

Las Palmas Travel Guide


Wanderlust creeping in? Adventure time! We just got back from Las Palmas and I have to tell you why YOU need to go. (Pin for later if you cant read through this all now!) The first step of planning your trip is to check, double and triple check your travel dates. I open about a million tabs and simultaneously search for flights and room availability. I love using Skyscanner, Kiwi, and ... Read the Post

Explore Italy: Christmas Market in Verona


I never knew Christmas Markets were such a big thing until we got to Italy. The towns all have markets, some ranging from small to huge with thousands of people visiting every weekend. With Verona only being 30 minutes away from us, we went with our friends to explore the Market this past weekend! It was PACKED but so dang beautiful! All of Verona is beautiful, but it is magical when it is lit up ... Read the Post

Tips for better Oral Care as a Family – with CariPRO


Remember awhile back when I shared this amazing company called Smile Brilliant with you? I had an amazing teeth whitening experience (I still use the whitening gel to this day - totally have my trays in right now!) and so I wanted to spend today talking about their amazing toothbrush the CariPRO Electric Toothbrush and some easy ways to make sure your family is practicing optimal oral care. Smile ... Read the Post

Explore Germany: Dachau Concentration Camp


While we were spending the weekend in Munich - visiting Dachau was on my list of things to see. I knew it would be an emotional day seeing the concentration camp, but we packed the stroller with snacks and a fully charged iPad (to keep Presley entertained if we needed) and headed just 20km north of Munich to tour the camp. Visiting Dachau is completely free, but you can rent a audio guided tour ... Read the Post

Explore Germany: A few scenes from Munich


We spent the past week exploring Garmisch (Alspitze, WWII Memorial, Lake Eisbee) Neuschwanstein Castle and then decided we would spend a weekend in Munich! I mean, why not! We are crushing on Germany right now! Plus, I love how driving is way easier & the number of people that speak English blows Italy to shame. We learned a few key German phrases to get us by & when people see us trying, ... Read the Post