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Explore Italy: A quick trip to Verona


Verona is just 45 minutes from our front door, so with a free afternoon we decided to go explore and start putting our To-Do list together. With so much history in Italy, I feel like we need to visit every city a few times to be able to see everything, so sometimes it's nice to go check it out and explore and make a list (Can you tell I'm Type A?) of what to see and do and then get to researching. ... Read the Post

Explore Italy: Hiking in Asiago


Although the weather looked look it might rain, we braved the clouds and headed to Asiago to explore. Asiago is the largest plateau of Italy and absolutely beautiful. It is only an hour away from Vicenza (€2 on the Autostrada) and next time I would definitely take dramamine before headed there! The road is a series of switchbacks that climb to the top of the plateau and wowzers did I get carsick! ... Read the Post

Explore Italy: Sirmoine at Lake Garda


We had a long weekend (an official 4 day break) but the weather was supposed to be bad in Rome so we ditched our plans of a big trip and opted for little day trips to places close to us in Vicenza. First up, was Sirmione at Lake Garda. The Lake has tons of little cities around it, but we stopped at one of the popular places on the south part of the lake. We headed up later in the day after Presley ... Read the Post

Explore Italy: The Beaches of Caorle


HEY! If you stumbled upon this post in your search of things to do while exploring Caorle you are in the right place! I'll share some addresses, beach locations and a few things to see while you are exploring. If you are like me, as soon as we decide to travel somewhere I instantly start looking at the weather, places to stay, and what we need to see. I am definitely type A when it comes to ... Read the Post

EXPLORE ITALY: The wall of Cittadella


We stumbled upon Cittadella two weekends ago while trying to get to Bassano del Grappa and looked around for a little bit - but didn't get to explore as much as we wanted to - so today was the perfect opportunity to make it a day trip! We took the bus from just outside of base to the train station downtown ( €2 each person) and then bought tickets for the train ride to Cittadella (€17 roundtrip ... Read the Post

Explore Italy – Basanno Del Grappa


Last weekend we decided to get out of our hotel room and to test out the public transportation to explore Bassano del Grappa - a nearby town that features the 'famous' bridge of the Alpini. Getting there was a bit of a trick, but ended up being completely worth it for the amazing day trip! We packed our backpacks, charged the camera and got Presleys umbrella stroller ready to explore. Because we ... Read the Post