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EXPLORE OKLAHOMA: Bombing Memorial


With 48 hours left in Oklahoma, we decided it was finally time to take a trip up to the city to explore the Oklahoma City Memorial and I'm so glad we made it a priority because it was so beautiful and something I had on my Oklahoma T0-Do list since we found out we'd be spending a year at Fort Sill. We were there on a Sunday so we were able to park on the street for free right across from the ... Read the Post

10 Reasons you should be taking an Omega 3 – with iWi


This post is sponsored by iWi but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. In the blink of an eye days turn into weeks, weeks into months and all of a sudden it's New Years and new resolutions and yikes. As a busy individual who loves lists, I've realized for me to make big lifestyle changes, I have to first make small changes to my day to day life (and cross them off!). Instead of ... Read the Post

Toned Tea Skinny Detox Tea

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 I cannot believe we are in the month of July already, where is this year going? In a few weeks we will be packing up and moving to Louisiana and then shortly after headed off to spend 3 years in Italy. It has been so crazy thinking this is all actually happening! With all the stress that comes with packing and moving and trying to prep to live overseas I've been stress eating and skipping the gym ... Read the Post

Gym Motivation with Degree Dry Spray


This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Getting out of bed early in the morning (for us, early is 830am) is literally impossible especially when school drop off consists of a million 'please don't leave me hugs' and then I have to drag myself upstairs to get motivated to workout.  Sure, a bunch of days I end up heading home to ... Read the Post

Explore Oklahoma – Tulsa Things to Do


One of the last things on our Oklahoma To-Do list was to check out a few things in Tulsa and we managed to squeeze everything into a weekend that was even filled with rain! At one point, it was pouring and we were soaking wet while we tried to find a place to dry off and enjoy dinner. In my personal opinion, I would much rather drive to Dallas than Tulsa (both around the same distance from Lawton) ... Read the Post

Explore Oklahoma – The OKC Zoo


We couldn't leave Oklahoma without a visit to the Zoo and although it was a little pricey (even with a military discount) we had a blast! We saw a Sea Lion show, fed the Lorakeets, Giraffes and pet the Sting Rays. It was so much fun us 5 girls running around exploring. It was crazy hot but still totally worth the day trip to Oklahoma City! We brought in the wagon with tons of snacks and drinks to ... Read the Post