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Explore Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle


AH! Germany! Literally cannot wait until we get to go back and explore more of it! As soon as I found out we were headed to Garmisch I was excited for a lot of things - but I counted down the days until we could go see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. I did a lot of research online to make sure we were actually able to see and do everything we wanted to! We purchased our tickets online a few days ... Read the Post

Explore Germany: Hike to the WWII Memorial


Whenever we travel I like to do a little bit of research on not only the best places to see and where to eat; but the history on what has happened in these beautiful towns. When we first found out we were headed to Garmisch I was engulfed in research because the 1936 Olympics where hosted here under Nazi-Regime and I have this crazy love of pictures from 'then & now' ---> Check out this ... Read the Post

Explore Germany: Garmisch – Lake Eisbee


We visited the Garmisch area the first week of November and the weather turned out to be much better than we expected (no rain) so on a clear day we had to go explore Lake Eisbee. Just 20 minutes from the center of town the lake was breathtaking from just the parking lot! We paid €4 to park in a lot close to the lake, but there is free parking up the hill a bit if you don't mind the extra walk. ... Read the Post

Explore Germany: Walking the Alspitze Platform


As soon as we arrived in Garmisch we started researching all the fun things we could do and at the top of the list was getting to the highest point in Germany - the mountain Zugspitz. We decided to wait until next year to trek to the top of Germany and opted to explore Alspitze this year. We stayed at the Edeilweiss Resort and purchased our tickets through them and drove about 10 minutes away to ... Read the Post

Our first Italian Grape Stomp


This past week we had an amazing experience that I couldn't help but sit down to write about. For 25€ per person we were able to go experience a traditional Italian meal complete with appetizer, main course and a desert with wine tasting, authentic dancing, and we got to pick grapes and even have our very own grape stamp. We went with some good friends and met new friends & had a blast. ... Read the Post

Explore Italy: A quick trip to Verona


Verona is just 45 minutes from our front door, so with a free afternoon we decided to go explore and start putting our To-Do list together. With so much history in Italy, I feel like we need to visit every city a few times to be able to see everything, so sometimes it's nice to go check it out and explore and make a list (Can you tell I'm Type A?) of what to see and do and then get to researching. ... Read the Post