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The Love Dare, Day 7

Almost done with week 1 of the Love Dare - are you keeping up? Just started? Wherever you are, whatever you're doing - I hope your happy, and that your relationship is lasting, healthy, and enjoyable.What would life be without it?Love does believe the best, it has the power to make faults invisible.(Bummer love doesn't help make my muffin-top invisible)Today's Dare is an interesting one -Let me ... Read the Post

The Love Dare, Day 6

So yesterday's Dare was a challenge. Did you end up asking your spouse things that make him/her uncomfortable? How did it make you feel?Hopefully you can just use it as an opportunity to become a better spouse, and move forward.Love is NOT IRRITABLE (Ha, really? - Kidding)Today's Dare (sort of 2 part) for me is quiet fun, I love scheduling and writing in my planner, so I added some little ... Read the Post

The Love Dare, Day 5

Alright, todays dare is a bit more of a challenge. Requesting your spouse to tell you things that they potentially want you to change.This could either be a very positive opportunity for change if you don't become defensive.....Let me know how your talk goes! ... Read the Post

The Love Dare, Day 4

This is a very easy dare, it takes only minutes and can prove to your spouse/partner that you are interested in their happiness.Helping your spouse with a simple task will help their day, and in return make them more ready to help you in the future when you need it. ... Read the Post

The Love Dare, Day 3

It's day 3, have you started? It's NEVER EVER to late to save a relationship, to create a spark, to show appreciation. Even if your relationship is GREAT, it never hurts to incorporate something new into your daily routine.The Love Dare, just reminds me every day to have my spouse's happiness as a top priority.For me, day 3 is a personal favorite....Relationships are a constant investment, and I ... Read the Post

The Love Dare, Day 2

How did Day 1 go for those of you that tried it?Sometimes I feel like even though I am usually a happy-go-lucky person, that I let my negativity come out behind closed doors - so usually my husband is the only one who sees me negative. While he is my support system, and available for me to lean on - I do like the reminder that I need to stay positive with him.I don't want him to think that I walk ... Read the Post