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OHHH Man!! I love Puerta Vallarta - I feel like it is such a colorful, fun town! I feel like this is one of those places that I would enjoy living. As soon as we hopped off the boat, we new we had to go to on the famous "Predator" Canopy Tour. Chad and I had done this with Fred and Terri at this same place 5 years ago when we were here...we fit EVERYONE from the group in the van.../ and then we ... Read the Post

3rd Day of the Cruise – CABO!!!!

We were upset at first when we learned that they had taken Matazlan off our ports to stop at list - but then we were happy because the only day we were scheduled to be in Cabo was the wedding, and we wouldn't have had any time to play! SO, it kind of worked out that we got to spend the day in Cabo. We woke up early because we only had from 8am-3pm to spend in Cabo. One group went Snorkeling by ... Read the Post

Our new beginning.

I can't believe that after 5 years, imagining this day in my head time and time again, that it finally came!! My dad paid for myself, kari, and mom to get our hair that morning (after little sleep) we met with David to get our hair done. We had met with David the night before and finalized hair plans. I decided to have my hair done up instead of the beachy waves, I had originally ... Read the Post

Day 1 of the Cruise

So, today, after barely sleeping and not feeling much better, I toughed it up and went to the deck to get some sun before the big day...Here is Nic, Me, Kari, Eric, Carli, Terri, Hilary and Rick. It was sooo nice to eat some fruit and listen to the band play in the nice warm sun.. Here is Nic, Me, Kari and Eric Me and Baby: After getting an hour or so of sun, Chad and I ditched the group and ... Read the Post


My Maid of Honor flew in on Wednesday and Chad wasn't feeling good, so she came over and we sat in my living room on the floor and just talked. She is such a keeper, I can't believe how lucky I am to have found her. She just makes life better :) On Thursday I went to work and wasn't feeling good (Boss sick at work - Chad sick at home) and I didn't really feel like doing that much, BUT, Kari was ... Read the Post