First and foremost, Thank YOU for being here. For stumbling upon this little blog in the corner of the WWW & for taking a moment to connect with me.

Taush.O is a Mommy-Lifestyle blog that is just that; a blog showcasing my ‘mommy life’. Motherhood has been a rough {to say the least} transition for me & Presley. We have had our fair share of trials. We’ve dealt with Colic, croup, more ear infections, hospital visits, and tests than I could even begin to count. But we are alive & making it through everyday. This blog started years ago (2008 -gah!) as a way to show our families what we were up to & has since turned into a space where I can vent, cheer, applaud and connect with all of you.
The most important things about me:
I have an unhealthy obsession with TV series and sugar. Sonic slushies & happy hour are a weekly thing in our home. I am an introvert, my husband is an extrovert – we are the compromising couple. I firmly believe everything should be painted & dusted with glitter. I’m Type A, love lists & enjoy reading if I ever have spare time. Being a Stay at Home Mom is the HARDEST job I’ve ever had. I have one tattoo & dream about getting more in secretive places & then watching my parents reaction when they find out. I am a hopeless romantic, love movie nights & my favorite food is Marshmallows. I’m left handed, have my Cosmetology license & believe it or not, am a 2nd Degree Black belt.

If that doesn’t convince you to stay around, maybe this face will:
Hope you stick around, come back often & send me an email – because I love a good conversation. XO