Q: Whats up with your name?
A: Well, It’s said ‘Taush point O” sort of a spin-off of the comedian Daniel Tosh and his Comedy show Tosh.O. It just sort of fits me, even though I don’t claim to be a comedian (I wish!). I feel like I wanted a name that showed this was my space to be who I want.

Q: How did you and Chad meet?
A: We actually met on a blind date in 2005 that my Young Womens leader took us on! He had just gotten home from his Mission (For the LDS church) and I was in my Senior year of High School. I know, he’s a cradle robber. (A hot one!)

Q: Did you really get married on a cruise?
A: Yep. But, not really on the cruise. We took a cruise with about 20 of our close friends and family and got off the ship in Cabo and got married on a beach there. We hired Sunset Weddings and they did an amazing job. Worth every penny.

Q: How do you feel about sharing so much of your lives on social media?
A: For me, it’s more about connecting with family then anything. I started blogging in 2008 because we lived so far away from family. Chads family is in Washington, while mine is in Nebraska – and this was such an easy way to show everyone what we were up to! As far as blogging so much about Presley, I try to post only things that she would be okay seeing in 20 years, I think we are at a time that social media and online presence is such an easily accessable thing and understand that my pictures of information could potentially be placed in the wrong hands – but I feel like the journal and memories I share have a greater positive potential.

Q: I saw on social media that you have a tattoo, but I’ve also seen that you are Mormon – what gives?
I was born and raised mormon and am so thankful for that upbringing, however, as a part of me finding out about who I am and what makes me happy – I thought a tattoo would do just that. My tattoo is on my inner right wrist and reads ‘be brave’. It is a perfect reminder to be who I am, and to not be ashamed of it! The crazy part, my parents weren’t even that mad (I was scared they would be, but hey, I’m an adult right?!) I look at it everyday as I reminder to be brave in the words I speak, in my actions and in raising Presley.