Visiting the Vienna Zoo

When we confirmed our Pet Sit in Vienna I immediately started Pinning and researching all the fun things we could do while we were in town. Between ‘boring’ adult things like touring the Catacombs under the Cathedral, wandering around Museums and taking pictures on every gorgeous street corner; I try to find things that will also entertain Presley. The Schönbrunn Zoo is located behind the palace and not only was amazing animals but several beer gardens, free water fountains and places to hide in the shade if it’s warm out. We wandered around all day and didn’t make it to all the exhibits – it is giant so wear your good shoes! The Zoo is part of the Vienna Pass or tickets can be purchased at the gate upon entrance or online here. The Zoo is open 365 days of the year, with shortened hours several days throughout. 

Theres a free bathroom right inside the Zoo (soooo rare in Europe!) and after we grabbed a map, picked our top animals we wanted to visit we were off! Of course, we stopped at every kid entertainment structure for exploring, jumping, climbing….. vienna3DSC03376

We definitely wanted to see the Rhinos, Giraffes (my top favorite), Kangaroos, Koala, Polar Bears and Panda Bear!  The Zoo was founded in 1752 and houses more than 4,000 animals which include 2 giant pandas – the ONLY two in Europe! 
DSC03359DSC03356DSC03404vienna2DSC03361DSC03393vienna4DSC03407IMG_7274-2vienna5Presley was definitely happy to be exploring the Zoo all day (she is an animal lover through and through)! We definitely recommend going if you have an open day while visiting Vienna!

Want to see more pictures and videos of the Zoo –>  Check out my Instagram highlight reel titled Vienna.


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