Scenes from Polignano

Polignano! Now the city I will forever call home. I cannot get over how amazing this little town was. Walking around downtown just felt like home for me – Chad kept teasing me over how big my smile was. I was at complete peace walking around and if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. So if you need me, I’ll be looking for real estate in this gorgeous town. We flew into Bari & drove directly to Polignano where we stayed in the cutest B&B that had a delicious breakfast at a cafe right across the walkway. I could literally just walk around the streets of Polignano for hours and hours on end. Everything is white/cream and the shutters are bright colors, there are tons of plants everywhere and everyone is super friendly! Our first day in Polignano we wandered around the streets, played at the Chocolate Festival that happened to be in town & had dinner at the famous cave restaurant La Grotta Palazzese. On our second day, we explored another part of town before headed to Alberobello!
polignanopolig1DSC02828DSC02792DSC02838DSC02827IMG_4037DSC02844DSC02865DSC02900DSC02929DSC02944DSC02958polig4Next up on our weekend adventure to the Puglia region we headed to Alberobello (home of the Trulli cone homes!) and Matter!

Some Tips for Visiting:
·Fly into Bari – use RyanAir to find the best prices!
·Rent a Car to be able to get around we booked our flight and got a Rental Car for 4 days after booking our flight and got our car rental for €35 total! Gas ended up being €38 for 4 days of exploring Polignano, Alberobello, Matera & Monopoli
·Book your Lunch/Dinner for Grotta Palazzese in advance – Read my post here.
·We LOVED this B&B we found on Booking.Com (breakfast included & you can park for free in WHITE spots around town!)

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