Presleys Paw Patrol Party

Presley turned four the first week of January, but since we just got home from Washington & needed to get back into our routine; I pushed back her party a few weeks until our friends were free and I had the energy to decorate and spoil our big girl. This last weekend we had her Paw Patrol Party and had so much fun! Tons of our friends came & we went all out since we are leaving Arizona in a few months to head to Oklahoma. Even though we don’t have cable, Presley was adamant about having a Paw Patrol Party so we just went for it. What my baby wants, my baby gets! (She’s never even seen a full episode). Just over a week before the party while we were walking around Target, the employees were changing some of the displays & we were able to get some Paw Patrol displays for free so we used those as decorations for the house. Presleys other requests were, a “hundred-four-ten balloons” & a bounce house. And boy did we deliver.

I think my favorite part about hosting Presleys birthday parties is putting together the snack table. I seriously have so much fun coordinating colors/themes and seeing the final product. I did a similiar styled table last year (Presleys 3rd birthday party) and knew I would have the same set up this year. It turned out so fun & with some planning and a few trips to the dollar store, this entire table cost around $20 to do! (not including the helium balloons, those babies are expensive!) We had the party over lunch time so we also picked up some Little Ceasers Pizza’s and donuts, because YUM.
party6-2Then of course, the bounce house. We had one last year as well & it was a total game changer. We didn’t even have to watch the kids – no games, no parenting (half joking) so we were fine with getting one again this year. They even had a Paw Patrol banner to hang on it! It took up almost our entire backyard & was just perfect! All the adults got to sit inside and talk while we listened to happy laughter & squeals of joy through the screen door.
IMG_4559And, because all my girlfriends also love taking pictures as much as I do – I had to set up a Paw Patrol Photo Booth! The kids thought it was the funniest thing playing with the silly faces in front of my photography light. Kids are seriously the goofiest – I just love being around all of them! The happiness just travels around the air & makes everything better.
Of course, after the party we snapped a couple pictures with our sweet girl, then headed back out to bounce in the bounce house.
party13-2SOOO thankful for our amazing friends who support & love us. We are truly blessed to have met some of the greatest people here in Arizona. I have no idea how we are going to leave everyone in just a few short months – these friendships are ones I’ll treasure forever.

Thanks for stopping by today! 
Have your kids had any themed parties? Leave the links below….I’d love to get some new ideas!


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