Presley – Four Years Old

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately guys, I started a new adventure selling LipSense & have been focusing my time on that to get my business growing! Figured I would stop by today to update you all on my girl!

I did so many dang weekly/monthly/bi-yearly posts over the last few years that I should post about Presley turning 4. I shared a bunch of pictures from her parties setup we had a few weeks ago, but never got to sit down and share all the wonderful things about my best friend. So here we go….

Stats: Presley is STILL sitting at around 30 pounds. I think she hit 32 once this past month, but got back down to 30 and a little. She is between 36-38 inches, I keep forgetting to write it down! Oops. She is wearing mostly 4t clothes, but because she is so skinny, a lot of her jeans are 3t, but getting super short on her. It’s tricky dressing her, but SO MUCH fun!! She is wearing sz 8.5 in shoes & absolutely loves dressing up. She will go to the store, library or park in Princess Dresses and skirts if we let her. She loves skirts/dresses that spin really high when she twirls – she calls them good ‘spinners’.

Activities: She started Gymnastics as soon as she turned 4 and is doing great in class. This was a great way for us to get ready for PreSchool. It’s just 45 minutes once a week but she leaves me without a fit & has fun with friends, listens to a coach & then comes back. It’s great & she loves practicing all the stuff she learns at home. Now if we can just get her to stay healthy enough to attend class, this girl is always sick!
IMG_8482Presley can ride her bicycle without training wheels (since like 3.5) and even can pedal to start all on her own. It’s so awesome, she can cruise so fast & loves it. We go on a bike ride around our block every single night and she has a blast – Chad rides his skateboard and I walk Dexxy and we get to have great family time after dinner & before bedtime. She’s got lights on her bike, a basket for dolls & even a little horn. She is such a rockstar.

We have been geocaching once a week to get outside & explore around us & Presley is so good at finding the caches! She loves holding my phone and getting closer and closer. She calls it treasure hunting & loves trading out goodies & always asks for ‘one more before going home?’

We meet with friends every week for playdates at our house, or theirs – or a lot of times we meet at an indoor trampoline park and bounce house place. Great to get those wiggles out!
IMG_0405Learning: We have been working on letters and Presley learned how to spell her own name all by herself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more perfect than her name. It’s so darling! She is also obsessed with drawing people (stick figures) our house is literally covered in them and everyone we meet gets one.
IMG_8749Presley is obsessed with Dinosaurs – I have no idea why we had a Paw Patrol party because she loves all things dinosaur right now. We went to the Dinosaur Museum in Mesa this month & she loved it. She knows a lot of the big names & lots to tell people which ones are meat eaters and which ones are plant eaters.
Book obsessed. Presley loves reading books, we read a couple throughout the day, several at night before bed & even recently got a big chapter book to start reading together. She loves seeing letters she recognizes and has a bookcase packed full of books in her room.

Like every 4 year old she is hot & cold. She has great days when she is a great listener and kind, friendly with everyone. Other days she is so shy and won’t make eye contact, doesn’t listen and has tons of timeouts. She is so funny, loves talking and having full conversations, face timing, taking pictures using my iPhone. She is an artist, still saying she is going to be a people Doctor when she grows up, but maybe a Veterinarian! She is so silly and constantly cracks us up with the things she knows and repeats. SO IN LOVE with this big girl.
presley4Thanks for stopping by! XO


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