Vicenza Carnivale

Yesterday Presley and I ran some errands and picked up a new set of plants (that we will unfortunately kill while trying to smother them with love) and as soon as we got to our place downtown we heard the chaos of an event so we decided to change, grab the camera and head out to see what was going on and I am so glad we did! We had a blast during Vicenza’s Carnivale Event. All the kids were dressed up – Presley insisted on being a Fox – and we wandered the streets while getting confetti tossed in our faces! The streets were packed with people and the atmosphere was so amazing! Once the parade ended in the main piazza a group of kids made a circle and spent over an hour picking up confetti and throwing it at each other! The adults stood around drinking and snapping pictures and I sat back and watched Presley have a blast with a bunch of darling Italian kids. I am so thankful we live downtown and are right in the middle of the events that happen here – we are living such a dream. 

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