Getting lost in Valli de Pasubio

The photos from this hike were too beautiful NOT to share! Approximately 1 hour from Vicenza (took us 1.5) because of motion sickness and some intense switchbacks at the very end of the drive.  The drive was absolutely beautiful and definitely worth it though so just take it slow! We wanted to come on this hike with the sole purpose of finding the ‘tibetan bridge’ that we saw some friends post pictures of.  The bridge is made of entirely steel, over 100 meters long and suspended at a height of 30 meters with ropes to limit the movement!

The actual bridge “Il Ponte Tibetano” is a flat (almost even stroller friendly) walk but we ended up hiking up to the top of the bloody mountain when we tried to get directions from an Italian – my calves/knees/bums hurt the next day but the views from the top were absolutely incredible. Also on the hike is the Ossuary of Pasubio, a monument dedicated to the fallen of the First World War where you can get amazing views & (to presleys enjoyment) view lots of bones.

Heres a video Presley helped me put together from our day trip:

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