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I think May might be my favorite month for traveling – the weather is warm enough with a gorgeous breeze and nights only require a light jacket. It’s that beautiful moment before it’s too hot to function & when you don’t need to think about reapplying sunscreen a hundred times a day. Our travels this month took us to visit a darling town in Slovenia. Lake Bled is located in Slovenia and only 55km from the the country’s capital of Ljubljana. Definitely one of the most picturesque places we’ve been so far during our stay in Italy. Known for the small island that can be reached by boat and the surrounding area has just enough things to do to keep you busy on a 4 day weekend! Read on for everything you need to know to plan your next adventure! This is a great place for couples for a romantic retreat, but also great for families with kids that need to be entertained!


Bled looks amazing in every season, however I highly recommend visiting in Spring when the weather is slightly cooler and you can enjoy the light breeze while hiking or biking around the lake. Summer brings activities like swimming and relaxing on the lakes surrounding grass areas, October when the leaves begin to change color scream snuggling in a cozy blanket while reading a book near the lake, but then winter makes Lake Bled look something right out of a winter wonderland fairytale. I really don’t think you could do wrong – so don’t skip visiting Bled because of hot or cold weather! (We visited in May and it was absolutely perfect!) Just keep in mind some businesses will close in the winter months so check out the links I’ve included in the section ‘Things to Do’ to make sure your activities will be open when you plan on visiting.

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Traveling from Vicenza to Lake Bled takes around 3 and a half hours and is a beautiful drive! You can drive with your SETAF, however it is highly recommended that you always drive with an International’s Drivers License.  I recommend stopping in Trieste to break up the drive if you are traveling with children OR (like me) have a small bladder. Tolls are 18€ one way, plus the required €15 vignette to drive throughout Slovenia. The Vignette can be purchased either right before or right after the border – just keep an eye out for signs on the side of the rode. The vignette lasts for 7 days & is a sticker placed in the upper left hand corner of your window on the drivers side. ( Find the last stop to use your gas card  HERE.)

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We personally stayed at Glamping Bizjack for two nights & at Garden Village for 2 nights. Glamping Bizjack is a SAVE glamping location, good for a couple or tiny family (we barely made it work – 2 adults and a 6 year old). On the other hand Garden Village was a little bit more expensive but absolutely incredible and better for families. It is also located RIGHT by Lake Bled and not only is the food incredible, but the entire property screams adventures – PLUS, it is a self-sustaining property! Read more about staying at Garden Village HERE.

My friend Stacy also visited Bled & you can read about her entire stay including another amazing glamping location –  here.



There is plenty to do while you are visiting Bled Slovenia so I’ve broken it down by list/distance from Lake Bled & the season/s that the activity best for exploring. Click on links to be taken to more information about activity (including hours and pricing). While a lot of these activities are potentially winter activities there are shortened hours and weather advisories so please make sure you check the websites to make sure you can schedule your adventures accordingly if traveling at that time.

Bled Island – 🌸☀️🍁❄️
Bled Castle -🌸☀️🍁❄️bledbucket
Hike Mala Osojnica – (15 mins) 🌸☀️🍁❄️
Tobaggan Ride -(20 mins)  🌸☀️🍁
Zip Line Park –  🌸☀️🍁
Tolmin Gorge – (1 hr 45 mins) 🌸☀️🍁
Vintgar Gorge – (20 mins) 🌸☀️🍁
Lake Bohinj – (40 mins) 🌸☀️🍁❄️
Postojna Caves – (1 hr 10 mins)  🌸☀️🍁❄️
Predjama Castle – (1 hr 20 mins) 🌸☀️🍁❄️
Canyoning – (10 mins) 🌸
Kayaking – (10 mins) 🌸☀️
Ice Climbing – (10 mins)



A day trip to Lbjujana: (1 hr) 🌸☀️🍁❄️
Franciscan Church of the Annunication
Triple Bridge
Dragon Bridge
Open Air Market – open daily (minus Sunday)
Butchers Bridge – add a lock for good luck
Metelkova City – Art Center
Museum of Illusions
Opera house
Union Brewery Tour


I think that covers just about EVERYTHING you could do while visiting this amazing place in the Julian Alps. Let me know if you discovered anything else while you visited that I can add to my Travel Guide. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging us to keep traveling.
Adventure is OUT THERE!

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