EXPLORE SLOVENIA: 10 Reasons to stay at Garden Village

Thinking about heading to Lake Bled, Slovenia? You should definitely go! There is so much to do!! Row out to the island, visit Predjama Castle & the Postojna Caves, hike Vintgar Gorge, explore Bohinski Lake, visit the Bled Castle, or even plan a day trip to Ljubljana – you can find my Lake Bled Travel Guide HERE. Today I wanted to talk to you about where you should stay! We LOVED staying at Garden Village so here are 10 amazing reasons why you should choose this amazing TreeHouse destination for your upcoming trip! IMG_7332-2

1) Most importantly Garden Village is an eco-resort!  Electricity comes from solar power, the water from a stream, swimmable pond is kept clean with nearby plants & all of the food served is either grown on the property or from local farmers. There is food growing everywhere and guests are welcome to everything! A company that is watching their environmental impact was probably my favorite thing about the entire place. We loved seeing strawberries growing, chewing on mint leaves & taking a walk through the green house.


2) Family friendly – With an area for swimming, play park equipment, a pebble beach and stream all surrounded by tents and TREEHOUSES!!! I mean, what more could kids want? It’s like a dream come true wandering around the grounds! The property is geared towards enjoying your time in the outdoors and we saw tons of kids running around! (no pets are allowed unfortunately). Presley would like me to add there are animals everywhere – she spent hours catching tadpoles, playing with slugs, giant snails and watching the horses gallop across the fields during our stay!

3) Different glamping options for couples, families and groups. Space for everyone!

  • The Pier Tents ($) are suspended above a beautiful babbling stream and have a queen size bed, zip closure, heating units and plugs for charing electronic devices. The patio has a small fridge, chairs for relaxing and are meant for 2 people. Only downside is that you will be sharing a detached bathroom with other adventurers, but falling asleep to the sound of the stream is pretty magical.
  • Glamping Tents ($$) These are set a little further back on the property and feature their own wood burning hot tub, several bed options, bathroom, air conditioning, fridge and tv! Meant for 4 people.
  • Tree Houses ($$$) Definitely the most luxurious of options with wrap around porch views. The treehouses are 2 levels and are meant for 4 people. The treehouses have a small kitchen area, removable ladder to get to the second level, several beds and even an indoor hammock!



4) Everything you need in one place – You could legitimately never even leave the property! Although, you should because Lake Bled is only a 5 minute walk away – BUT, if you really wanted to just stay on the property and relax you could! 3 meals a day are served, there are plenty of places to swim, sit in rocking chairs, or even sit by the fire if it’s chilly. Read a book, swim, nap, or get pampered with a massage. No need to leave when everything you need is a beautiful short walk away!

5) Speaking of relaxing:  Garden Village has its own Sauna, massage on site as well as an area for yoga right by the water. Simply make an appointment with reception during checkin and they will be ready for you. I couldn’t think of a more relaxing place to be pampered with a massage.

6) Food, food food! Not only is the restaurant beyond beautiful with an amazing design, but you get to eat on live grass table tops….I mean?! Have you ever seen such a thing? They have a giant wine list but also amazing smoothies and juices using fruits and vegetables from the property. Buffet breakfast includes milk and cheeses from local farmers, amazing coffee & food for every foodie! We enjoyed breakfast every morning and even chose to stay on the property for dinners – YUM YUM YUM. The food was legitimately out of this world (you can just visit the Restaurant if you aren’t able to get a room!)IMG_7696-2IMG_7414-2
7) I think relaxing has been a recurring theme thus far so I’ll just keep it going. This amazing cozy seating area has a fire running at night with pillows and throw blankets to get extra cozy. Enjoy free wifi so you can read, blog, or post gorgeous instagram photos of the property. I might have dozed off here for a few minutes. IMG_7292-2
8) Time to explore? You can rent bicycles and go bike around the lake, or in town for brunch. Garden Village has bicycles for every size plus helmets and bike attachments for smaller children! IIMG_7297-2

9)  Customer service is top notch – from welcome drinks to property tours. The employees are all happy to answer questions and do anything they can to make you comfortable. We got a behind the scenes tours of the tadpoles and even got to feed the fish in the ponds below the tents. Everyone was incredibly kind and eager to do anything they could!

10) It’s affordable! When you see pictures of Garden Village you can only imagine how expensive it could be! But in actuality, it is very affordable – the only catch is that you HAVE TO BOOK FAR IN ADVANCE because the property is so popular! Nightly rates range from €80-200 depending on your choice of Pier Tent, Glamping Tent or Treehouse.

Want to visit? Check your travel dates HERE and leave a comment if you have any questions!

Thanks to Garden Village for the amazing experience we had staying with you! We will definitely be back when we explore more of Slovenia! 

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